Friday, May 17, 2013

Seeing Beauty in Imperfect

I’m beginning to understand it's something I’ve disavowed for far too long...  You see, I have this (um) habit.  It's best known as “perfectionist tendencies.” Perhaps others out there can relate.

The first step in overcoming any undesirable quality is owning it, yes?  Well, I do.  I also realize that striving for that illusive realm called "perfect" has held me back more times than not.  This has made it a bit easier to stop and question my thoughts as of late—redirect them, where needed.

The pic, above, I snapped yesterday.  It was my first attempt at capturing the day’s Great Gatsy-inspired style I sported to work.  Interestingly, the imperfection of that shot made me smile; intrigued and captivated me a bit.  Notable defectiveness actually drew me in—rerouted today’s blog post a bit.  I saw beauty in something most might view as flawed.  Hmmm...

The photo below captures the look I was originally trying to share: a polka dot maxi dress topped with a lace top and accented with a strand of vintage beads (worn as a bracelet) and a bangle displaying geometric shapes (an Art Deco hallmark).  As excited as I am about yesterday's creative expression via personal style, my faux pas and subsequent inner revelations are truly what have sparked my spirit...

Have you had the joy of seeing imperfection's beauty?  I would sure love to hear about it!

Joy and peace.  T.