Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weekend Dreams Remembered

As the blank pages in my “All I Want This Weekend” notebook dwindle, I find myself flipping back through them.  Doing so, I remember (fondly, usually), gain new insights and feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction pre-new notebook use.  Below, are a sampling of weekend dreams I have sketched for myself over the past few years.  Some were realized.  Others weren't.  My weekend lists solely serve as guides or markers for me. Hope they inspire, resonate and make you smile!

Fun Stuff:
 My “right” work:

This + That Tasks:
  • Spot organize jewelry box, closet + home office (7/15/11)
  • Order Mark's holiday gifts (12/9/11)
  • Gather old books for trade in (2/24/12)
  • Buy wine for weekend getaway (5/4/12)
  • Pack for Colorado (6/29/12)
  • Line up pet sitter services for Tabitha (10/26/12)
  • Mail Mom + Dad's card (5/3/13)
In the Name of Good Health:
  • Run outdoors (11/4/11)
  • Enjoy vegan dinner out (11/18/11)
  • Home yoga practice (2/24/12)
  • Ride bike (4/13/12)
  • Take a walk in the woods (4/20/12)
  • Relax via a massage (7/20/12)
  • Autumn Equinox reflections (9/21/12)
  • Schedule facial (11/30/12)
  • Work out (5/3/13)
 Memorable Moments:
What do you dream of doing this weekend?  Please share!

Joy and peace, T.