Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finding Grace Amongst the Busyness

Abandoned the busyness, briefly, to snap this pic 
of blossoms blanketing the ground!

It's been an overwhelmingly busy week, both on and off the 9 to 5.  Oh how I wish there had been enough hours in each day to tackle everything on this week’s task lists!  Yet, grace has arrived in my acceptance of not being able to do so—at least not this week.  

There's another silver lining... Despite my schedule, I designated time, this week, to work out daily, attend a yoga class one evening, enjoy time with both friends and family along the way, and read a few chapters of a book I recently began. 

Sure; there’s a slight feeling of “if only...” in regard to my unrealized checklist items.  Nevertheless, understanding I did the best I could while simultaneously sprinkling a dose of self-care into each day; makes me understand not every mountain can (or should) be leapt within one week’s time.

Did you experience a bit of overwhelm this week?  Would love to hear how you gracefully accepted the challenge! 

Joy, peace and talk with you, again, on Tuesday!  T.