Friday, May 3, 2013

Great Outdoor Time = Smiles!

The great outdoors=blossoms in the trees + on the ground!

Sure hope you’ve been able to enjoy some time in the great outdoors this past few days.  I did, and it has resulted in a passel of added smiles!

You see, it has been an incredibly busy week at work, so my first ability to get quality outdoor snippets of time came yesterday.  During my lunch break, I decided to grab a chocolate-banana soy smoothie from Starbucks and sip it outdoors from a café table.  Yum and yum... Later in the afternoon, I attended a meeting about six blocks away from my office—and, yes, you guessed correctly... I walked there and back (smile!).

Last evening, post a visit to the salon for a wash + trim + deep conditioning, I enjoyed a phone visit with a fave fellow blogger and friend.  We are currently both participating in a creative coaching group led by author Gail McMeekin.  As we spoke, I reveled in the fact that not only did I get to share dreams with a treasured pal I’ve only conversed with--until now--in the online realm, I did so with a glass of vino in hand from my beloved patio overlooking my backyard!

Share with me your recent forays into the great outdoors!  I would adore hearing about them!

Joy, peace and happiest of Fridays to you!  T.