Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DIY Solo Retreat: Portrait of Self

Last Saturday, I experienced the extreme pleasure of leading an art journaling workshop with an awesome group of creative women.  The theme for this workshop was: Portrait of Self.  You see, I believe that gaining clearer insights on who we are/aren't, what we want/don't want, etc. grants us the information necessary to sketch out our dreams and planned action steps toward them. So, this workshop was designed to manifest a virtual image of participants' inner selves through a series of art journaling activities. 

Following the workshop I led last month, a blog post with suggestions on how to create a "retreat for one" ensued.  In that same tradition, here goes:

Light  a candle and establish an intention for this dedicated time with yourself.  Ensure you have a yummy cup of hot tea or other favorite drink to sip as you retreat.

Using your journal (or art journal), create an extensive list of the things you are "wild" about (e.g. quality time with my family, playing dress up, the color pink, etc.). Do so for as long as the ideas flow. If you are using your art journal, you may want to glue an image onto the page that resonates and write onto it with colored markers/pens.  Embellish it as you wish... 

In your journal or art journal, complete the following action items (from page 27 of Tristine Rainer's The New Diary: How to Use a Journal for Self-Guidance and Expanded Creativity under a section entitled Begin with a Self-Portrait):
        a.  Write a description of yourself at this present time.
        b.  Explore how the recent or not-so-recent events of the past have contributed to the person
             you are now.
        c.  Reflect upon where do you feel your life is leading you now.

Create a vision board or art journal collage using images you are drawn to.  There need be no rhyme or reason for the pieces you select.

Revisit your intention and blow out your candle; signifying the close of  this sacred time with yourself.  

Do you enjoy going on retreats?  I sure do!  The last one I attended was in 2010.  It was led by author Jennifer Louden. What was the last retreat you attended?  Please share your thoughts!

Joy and peace!  T.