Friday, May 24, 2013

My Latest Thrift + Eco-Friendly Purchase

I adore stripes! Do you? 

A few months ago, I vowed to add a chevron striped skirt to my wardrobe.  Last Saturday afternoon, amidst book proposal writing, I took a well-deserved break and headed over to a local thrift shop only a few miles from home.

You likely know how this goes... Within five minutes of arriving at the shop, I spied a chevron striped skirt (black and white—exactly what I had wanted) for a mere $3.  Its label was a "no brand" name, but I could truly care less.  This skirt doesn’t have a flaw to it (mint condition), fits perfectly and is well made (I think it could be vintage!).  It’s almost as exciting for me as last month’s thrifty, eco-friendly snag.

An added bonus: this skirt is also going to double as a top. Yup! Pulled up, it functions well as a smock-ish tube top.  I can wear a jacket or cardigan and slacks with it into the office, or, on a warm summer evening, don this skirt-turned-top bare shouldered (smile). 

What was your latest thrifty, eco-friendly purchase? I would love hearing about it! 

Joy, peace and happy Friday!  T.