Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Transitions = A Bit of Slowing Down...

Spied these blooms while out last eve.
They make me think of summertime!

Spring barely seems to have arrived. Yet, here I am, already thinking of summertime.  Honestly, it is impossible not to—with the past few days’ worth of warmer temps, leaves on the trees and flowers in bloom. 

Spring semester has ended at the local university.  This means the quaint, artsy little town where I reside is now moving a bit slower.  Although it’s not quite Sleepy Hollow, it is, decidedly, “sleepier” these days compared to how it was only a week ago.  Hence, another signal of summer’s arrival beckons.

Monday, I gave myself the gift of a day away from my job.  There were no agendas; nothing was planned. I simply went forth and did as I pleased. It was heavenly!

That day brought a good deal of clarity to me—on several fronts:
  • My top priority in the coming weeks must be the finalization of my book’s proposal;
  • Now, more than ever, I need to stand in my truth—and use my voice to do so (more about this on the next Tickled Pink Woman Podcast which will launch in a few days); and
  • Dedicated blocks of time to nurture myself (on the same level as I did on Monday) are decidedly in need!
This year, summer starts a bit early for me (smile)... Slowing down a bit is definitely a theme that's resonating for this luscious season. I plan on publishing the blog Tuesday through Saturday for the next few weeks to come. Occasionally, I may post pics or Tickled Pink Woman Podcast show notes on Sundays and Mondays during this time. 

What this enables me to do is give greater priority to the wrap up of the book proposal I’m writing; while also ensuring I have some dedicated “moi” time (so very essential I have learned!).  The “standing in my truth” component—well, that is something I’m vowing to practice each day—as much as I possibly can—and as mindfully as I can muster, too...

What summertime seasonal transitions are you planning? Would adore hearing them!

Joy and Peace, T.