Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Joy of Personalization

Personalized it myself!

Personalization--I think it's essential.  As you’ll see in this past blog post, journals and art journals should not only meet our “preferred features” checklists (e.g. lined or unlined pages, hard versus soft covered, bookmark or ribbon included, etc.)—they should be esthetically pleasing as well.  We should literally excite in picking them up—using them. 

My sweet little “All I Want This Weekend” notebook only has a few unused pages left in it.  I purchased her a little over three years ago at a local dollar store.  Flowers adorning her covers and pages, she has been a delight to write in! 

Despite my best efforts, worthy replacement searches have repeatedly come up fruitless.  Then, a few weeks ago, I received a sweet little notebook (made from recycled products) at a fab women’s forum I attended. That’s when the idea struck...

Using assorted tissue papers, magazine and card stock images, I decided to personalize her myself, and I’m sure glad I did!  Below are a few pics of my newly-personalized “All I Want This Weekend” notebook...

How it all began (pre-tissue paper, images, ribbons and other embellishments)...

Front Cover: I sealed my notebook with clear packing tape for durability since I’ll likely carry her in my handbag and briefcase.  I also super-glued an old ribbon onto the cover for added pink panache.

Inside Cover: A decorated inside cover yields added inspiration when I open my notebook!

Back Cover: I think the back cover is a blast.  I haven’t decorated the inside of the back cover, yet; but, in time, I may...

Book Mark: Tied a dotted Swiss ribbon to a pink paperclip. This helps to keep my place; plus, I love the effect.

Share with me your personalization stories.  I would adore hearing them!

Joy and peace.  T.