Saturday, May 18, 2013

Parting Thoughts on "The Office"

I don't watch much television.  The Office was one of a few exceptions, however.  I tuned in consistently ever since it first premiered in 2005.  Doing so always ensured at least one good laugh an episode, as well as an insight or two along the way.  It only seems fitting I share a few parting thoughts...

Featured above is a photo of a Mother's Day card my oldest son gave me a few years ago.  Yes, character Michael Scott is pictured prominently.  It's no accident that Andrew selected this card.  He knew we both shared a passion for watching The Office. This card is bundled and kept with other written treasures atop my home office desk.

Every Christmas Eve, I strive to plan something uniquely fun for my family. Christmas Eve, two years ago, following our annual feast and the opening of gifts, our family engaged in watching a marathon of holiday episodes of The Office (there are about six of these).  It's a wonderful memory.

Although she wasn't my favorite character, and she only appeared from time-to-time, Jan never failed to amuse me.  We all know someone like her, right? Manipulative, conniving, brash and oftentimes downright mean-spirited, her antics always helped me to gain a better perspective about workplace (and elsewhere-based) meanies.

Last year, I wrote a blog post based on the fine art of asking for what you want.  It was based largely upon a fab episode (and character) of The Office.  To check it out, click here.  It's truly one of my fave Tickled Pink Woman posts.

Although it was bittersweet, I liked the final episode.  I'll leave you, today, with a few resonant thoughts shared by character Pam during her last statements to the video cameras that had filmed her each workday for the past nine years.  She encouraged others to be courageous, to go after what they wanted (rather than shyly sitting back), and to recognize beauty in the ordinary.

Please share your thoughts about The Office.  I'd adore hearing them!

Joy and peace, T.