Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Simple Indulgences, Choosing Wisely + Paying It Forward...

A recent scene from the salon...

Over the weekend, I indulged in a ritual I engage in at least monthly—a pedi at the salon.  This time, I did something I haven’t done before.  I scurried out of the house without my flip flops—instead, wearing my slip on sneaks (sigh!).

We only live about a mile and a half from the salon; so, while soaking my feet, I dialed up Mark and asked if he’d drop off my flip flops.  As expected, he happily agreed to do so.   A few minutes later, he arrived, a smile on his face and my flip flops in hand.  “Here you go.  Have fun!” he said.  Flip flop issue successfully resolved; all was right, again, with the world...

Later, back home, I told him.  You were the talk of the salon, today, “Huh?” he asked incredulously.  I shared with him what several women said to me as he left: “What a nice guy!” “You got a keeper!” “That’s too sweet!”  I openly agreed with every comment made, BTW.  He was honestly shocked to hear his good deed had been deemed as "admirable." It was nothing Herculean in his estimation.  In fact, he only phrased it to be something any partner would do to help out.

This brings to mind a line from an old movie (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). The line I’m thinking of is: “You chose wisely.”  Yup, I did. 

You see, I already know this.  Yet, a small gesture such as this reminds me of what I, sometimes, take for granted. It also serves as a fab cue for me to carry the thoughtfulness forward—as I know it’s appreciated on the other side as well!

What simple indulgences do you enjoy?  What's the best choice you ever made? How can you “pay it forward” to a special someone in your life?

Joy and peace, T.