Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Morning Rituals I Cherish

Although I strive to shift routines from time to time, I am truly a creature of habit.  Interestingly enough, my strongest areas of ritualism seems to be in the mornings.  I've always surmised that what happens in the morning sets up my entire day; so, the fact that I cling to morning rituals perhaps isn't so surprising... Of course, I do vary things on occasion-but, generally, my morning routines are mainstays I relish.

The pic, above, was taken a few days ago as I was headed into a local downtown restaurant with Mark for our standing Saturday morning breakfast date.  Barring illness or out-of-town travel, it has been a weekend ritual we have held dearly for at least eight years now. Relaxing, leisurely time with my BFF and life partner--need I say more?

Sunday mornings are sheer bliss. Jammies on and java in hand, it is the most relaxing morning (which sometimes lasts till noon-ish) of the week. Post breakfast, I'll sip my coffee and read from my iPad.  When weather permits, breakfast, java and reading is done from my patio. This dedicated time has sparked some of my most creative endeavors to date.

My weekday morning routine is best described as self-nurturing meets dedicated moments of stillness.  This past post discusses my current morning ritual as well as my visualized ideal one... My weekday morning rituals have aided me in reaching clarity on various fronts and on countless occasions.

Do you have morning routines?  Would love to hear about them!

Joy and peace, T.