Saturday, June 22, 2013

Great Ways to Take the “Heat” Off Yourself

Today, I’m venturing out for my monthly artist’s date.  Mostly, I plan on browsing various antique and other shops nearby.  At some point, I’ll stop for tea, pull out my journal and write a bit (Yum!).

Overall, it’s been a pretty cool summer (temperature-wise).  Today, it’s forecasted to possibly hit the 90’s.  Of course, I have devised ways to keep the heat at bay at bit... I’ll wear my sunblock and sunnies, tote my water, be armed with a hat, and sporting lightweight faves to keep me cool. 

Likewise, in a figurative sense, I also need techniques to combat those times when the “heat” is turned up a bit.  You know--those instances when deadlines loom, too many tasks await, and the unexpected uh oh’s seem to be abundant. 

Here are a few of my favorite ways to ease the “heat” a notch or two:
  • Pull out my calendar and schedule an artist’s date;
  • Gift myself a vacation day from work;
  • Unplugged (no music, phone or other electronics on or near), enjoy the sun set from my patio;
  • Stop whatever I’m doing and engage in sacred, deep breathing;
  • Journal;
  • Acknowledge myself for something;
  • Build a list of gratitude items in my mind;
  • Affirm;
  • Take a photo of something naturally beautiful;
  • Spend time in nature (even if it’s a short sunshine break!);
  • Play dress up; and
  • Flex my creativity muscles (plan, write, art journal, paint, plan the next day’s outfit, rearrange a work or living space...). 
How about you?  How do you take the “heat” off of yourself?  I would enjoy hearing about it!

Joy and peace!  T.