Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Proposal Updates + No Regrets

My growth journal depicts notes and collage reflections related to a recent coaching call...

Tuesday evening marked the conclusion of my three-month involvement with author Gail McMeekin’s Customizing and Monetizing Your Jewel of an Idea Monthly Coaching Group.  What an awesome endeavor this has been!  It exceeded my expectations on every level.  I walked away (afterwards) not only having completed a book proposal for my second book (which is what I set out to do), but I also finalized a query letter and plan of action for how to proceed next. An extra bonus is that I’ve secured two book endorsements from favorite authors of mine (Yes, one of them is Gail!).  Another gem is that I was able to work closely with a renowned author (again, Gail) who reviewed my work and provided me with valuable feedback.  Plus, I had the privilege of connecting with seven other remarkable women, each pursuing unique creative passions of their own.  I plan on submitting my book proposal to the first publisher on my list by mid-July (I will keep everyone apprised!).

Here’s where the concept of no regrets comes into play... When I received an invite to join this hand-picked group, I was elated beyond belief.  It truly seemed surreal.  Then, those pesky internal concerns (a.k.a. “saboteurs”) began to emerge... My internal dialogues went something like this, “April through June simply won’t work.  You are way too busy with several major workplace deadlines.  On top of that, there are those two weekend workshops you are presenting—coupled with a host of various other weekend commitments—oh yes, and a week-long vacation, too (can’t forget that, right?)--all taking place within the April to June timeframe.” 

Fortunately, I’m learning to truly challenge what I refer to as “can’t” thoughts when they decide to mosey themselves on into my head.  What this means is that I stepped back and asked myself, “If I don’t do this, will I regret it?”  My immediate answer was, “Yes, definitely.”  From there, I knew I had to make it happen—one way or another.  

Despite much busyness, this past three months, I believe I kept my life (pretty much) in balance.  Yup, I hustled a bit to get it all done, but there are absolutely NO REGRETS for having kept the focus and pushed myself a bit further toward attaining a personal dream of mine.

Share with me the “no regrets” decisions you have recently made.  I would love to hear about them! 

Joy & peace & happy Friday, too!  T.