Thursday, June 20, 2013

How Style Enhances Life...

Sporting stripes + polka dots together=my latest passion!

These photos were taken last Friday while enjoying a sacred vacation day from work.  We’d just arrived back from out trip East the night before.  So, Friday was a relaxed day. I took myself to lunch, savored writing and stillness on the patio, ran a few errands locally and enjoyed a dinner date with Mark, downtown (smile).

Pulling together an outfit enables me to get creative; especially one such as this.  First of all, it requires me to think outside the box I learned to dwell in many years ago.  Pairing different patterns was never thought (by me) to be a viable option.  It is now, though as it lets me see just how far I can flex the creativity muscles. The more I use my creative gifts, the more they seem to multiply.  That’s definitely a plus!

Style also allows me to be resourceful.  I totally embrace the “less is more” philosophy these days.  What, that’s already in my closet, can I fashion into something I’d adore wearing?  The dress featured in these pics was a gift given to me for Mother’s Day (from Mark) about 11 years ago.  I adore polka dots, so this dress has become a treasured, timeless piece I enjoy wearing each summer.  The shirt was a $3 find at a local thrift shop.  It instantly caught my eye when I saw it (and incidentally matches my beloved dress perfectly).  It fits a bit looser than I like; so, I’ve tied it in front; which I think works well.  The straw hat was purchased at a consignment shop and is so fun to wear!  Makes me feel I’m on vacation—even when I’m not.

There’s yet another added bonus about style...  A few years ago, I’d have never thought I could gracefully don older and second-hand items (much less talk about it).  Nor did I think it possible I would pair stripes with polka dots.  As I’ve embraced my authentic self, I’ve found myself empowered to do so many wonderful things—which includes wearing what I like!

I know there are scads more benefits I could likely share, but I’m hoping that you will share yours, instead!  How has being stylish enhanced your life?

Joy + peace!  T.