Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Authentically Tickled Pink + Celebrating It!

Art journal collage (2012)

Since launching this blog (March 5, 2012), I have been asked from time to time, "What does it mean to be tickled pink?" My simplest definition of tickled pink is: It's a celebration of self. Self-celebration, however, is only possible through living authentically.

This connection (between authenticity and self-celebration), is something I have learned firsthand.  It likely comes as no surprise to anyone, but I’m very much a girly girl... What may shock folks is that I didn’t always openly “own” this aspect of myself like I do these days. 

You see, for a number of years, I felt I needed to appear and act a certain way in order to be taken seriously within the professional realm. I cut my hair, wore flat, sensible shoes and donned anything businesslike and sans frills. There’s honestly nothing wrong with any of this.  It just wasn’t me.  Rather, it’s who I thought I had to be.

Then, I began walking the tickled pink path...  As a result, I soon embraced (and sported) longer, highlighted locks, stilettos, vintage fashions and leopard print—yup, even in the workplace! Amazingly, since doing so, I’ve enjoyed the most rewarding, self-empowered time professionally, creatively and in every other aspect of my life.  It’s because I’m now living authentically—celebrating who I am.

About three and a half years ago, I wrote a freelance article for The Examiner.  Interestingly enough, it was entitled The Newest Trend is to be Tickled Pink.  Here’s an excerpt from it:
There is an emerging trend. It’s one that empowers women to fully embrace and celebrate their femininity at any place and time. Women are finally giving themselves the permission to live out the words of that familiar old tune: “I enjoy being a girl!” These days, you can find femmes figuratively singing this song, not only in the home, but in the workplace and everywhere else they go. You can read the rest of this article here.

What authentic aspect of yourself would you like to more fully own?  Would love hearing about your journey along the path of tickled pinkness

Joy and peace, T.