Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life Lessons Learned When Applying Darker Nail Polish

Every now and again, I indulge in a salon mani.  You see, I've gotten pretty good at doing my own nails--at home.

One thing, though, regarding my home manis...  I generally select somewhat demure colors: pale pinks, vanillas, beiges, gold tones, etc. I've found these shades to be very easy to apply as flaws are more easily hidden (making my manis, generally, quick and easy for me to undertake).

This past weekend, en route to a movie matinee, I dropped by a department store to pick up blusher (Lancome).  Turns out it was "free gift time" there.  A tote bag, lipstick, mascara, body lotion and several skincare items were all included in the free gift promotion.

When the gifts are too good to pass up, I'll generally invest a few bucks more, and reap the free goodies. This was one of those instances.  I decided to get a bit adventurous, buying a nail polish in a shade that's a bit darker than I generally wear (Very Vernis).

You may already know this: I love likening daily occurrences to life in general.  Yup, I've done it again.  This time, my tips for applying darker nail polish hues are ones that translate to life itself.  Here goes:

Don a cloak of courage: Sporting a brighter-than-usual shade and doing one's nails require a bit of bravery.  In life, courage is akin to wings.  It enables us to soar higher than we would otherwise.

Own a sense of self-confidence: Painting one's own nails a deeper shade requires a sense of skill as the goofs show up more.  Even if one doesn't yet possess this gift (smile), the "can do" attitude is a must; otherwise, the mani never happens.  Same goes in life.  Those things we think we can do, we will do.

Be very patient: Painting too quickly equates to an inordinate amount of messiness. A good mani requires one to invest time.  In life, worthwhile endeavors also require the investment of time and patience.

Abandon perfection: My mani isn't perfect, but that's okay.  I put my best foot forward. That's what counts, and that's where my focus is.  No doubt this same concept works throughout every aspect of life.

Have you tried a new shade of nail polish lately? Undertaken a task that required a higher level skill?  Would love to hear from you!

Joy + peace. T.