Friday, July 5, 2013

Change Spurs Healing + New Growth!

My petunias--growing again--post a bit of change!

For eleven days straight, it rained here in northwest Ohio.  It didn't necessary rain all day long (during the period).  Some days, it did, though. It's been (um) interesting...

Last Sunday morning, between the rain showers, I took some time to tend to my flower gardens.  Sadly, I found a sweet pot of petunias, I had planted weeks ago, wilted from far too much rain.  They had been perched atop a small table on our patio--between a couple of Adirondack chairs.  After deadheading and cleaning them up a bit, I decided to move them to a more sheltered spot (next to one of the ivy-bearing whiskey barrels also sitting on our patio).

Wednesday, I indulged in a sacred vacation day from work (actually, I have taken a much-needed five-day break!).  Nevertheless, Wednesday was moi day.  I did as I wished--without a schedule or plan--all day long.  One thing I enjoyed doing was savoring breakfast from the patio.  While sipping away at my java (smile), I noticed the petunias I had "rescued" only a few days before.  They seemed to have a sense of new life--appeared to be on the road to thriving fully (Hooray!).

I compare these lovely petunias to practices within my own life.  I am very scheduled and planful--most of the time.  I'm also pretty busy (nine times out of ten!).  Having days where I shake up my schedule (by moving from fast-paced to slow or from scheduled to impromptu)--always results in renewed energy and bursts of exciting new creativity for me (every time!).  In other words, change (be it a change of pace, environment, frame of mind--whatever), works wonders!

What about you?  Do you find that change results in positive shifts in your life?  What changes have you made recently? Please share your thoughts.  I'd love to hear them!

Joy & peace!  T.