Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Thank You" Bliss

I received the lovely, hand-made card (featured above) a few days ago.  It was from the sweet group of tween-aged girls I presented a volunteer art journaling workshop to, last week, at the local Girl Power Tween Camp.  I'm not sure how well the details will show up in the photo, but each letter in the word "Thank You" was cut and pasted onto this precious work of art!  Isn't it lovely? And, don't you dig that groovy peace sign?

In my opinion, there's absolutely no substitute for a hand-written thank you card or note.  And, a hand-crafted one (be it from the sender or a purchased card from an artisan), makes the thank you all the more special!

The pic, below, is of a thank you card I crafted for a dear friend, earlier this year.  The story surrounding my hand-crafted note of thanks is found in this past post.

Do you enjoy sending and receiving hand-written thank you notes?  Would love to hear your insights on this!

Joy and peace. T.