Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Self-acceptance First...

Recently, I was asked to deliver (as a volunteer) a program at an area high school on the topic of "human rights."  I was given "free reign" in how I'd structure my presentation; so, I went with what I knew to be true in my heart: everything begins from within.

My belief is that when we accept, love and refrain from judging our own selves, it enables us to be more  accepting, loving and non-judgmental toward others.  Fashion blogging has forced me to "put myself out there" on a regular basis.  I firmly believe it's allowed me to better accept, love and not judge myself, and, as a result, others.

Contemplative practices such as journaling, mindfulness in daily living, meditation and yoga have also strengthened my ability to accept, love and not judge myself.  As a result, I included an overview and exercise in journaling with the students that day.

I was shocked that none of the students had ever journaled before.  If even one individual is able to use any of the principles I shared to better accept, love and not judge herself or others, I have accomplished what I set out to do!

 Jean Jacket: ChiQle Denim Architect (boutique purchase)
Pants: Chaps
Sweater: Vintage
Sunnies: Jennifer Lopez
Boots: Nine West
Eiffel Tower Brooch: Vintage (Etsy)
Leather Backpack: Anthropologie
Opal Bracelet: Tidebuy (see it featured in this past post)

Share with me your thoughts on this matter.  Would love hearing them!

Joy, grace and peace, T.

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