Monday, May 25, 2015

Review: RBX Active Brand's Patterned Capri Legging

When the folks at RBX Active asked if I'd like to take their patterned capri legging out for a test "run," I eagerly accepted the offer to do so.  You see, exercise is essential to my well being. It's one of the many ways I care for myself.

Also important, is that I like to look/feel just as "pulled together" when I work out as I do at any other time.  I adore the fact these leggings were patterned as they easily matched with pieces I already owned.  

I tested RBX Active's patterned capri legging out on an hour-long evening power walk this past weekend, and I was not disappointed.  I move at a pretty fast clip and experienced no rubbing of my skin (something I cannot say about several other brands I've tried).

Another impressive feature is these leggings wick well (meaning they pull the moisture from the skin; keeping me nice and dry).  In fact, they beat out my Nike shirt in that regard.

I threw these leggings in the washer afterwards... Happily, they didn't stretch or fade; which is another important hurdle to transcend--in my opinion.

I'm impressed enough with RBX Active's patterned capri legging that I am comfortable sharing with my blog readers a coupon code for a 25% discount (good through 7/31/15). There will be free shipping added for purchases over $50 (after coupon deduction). The code is: Active25 and you can access their website at:

Joy & grace, T.