Sunday, January 3, 2016

DIY Leather Cord Bracelets

A little over a year ago, I was contacted by the folks at endlessleather regarding a blog cooperative.  Until that point, I'd never ventured into jewelry making outside of a workshop setting. Nevertheless, I gladly accepted the challenge.  Happily, I was thrilled with the outcome! Check out the edgy/chic bracelet I made (in 2014) in this past post. It's a fave I proudly don on a regular occasion!

When I was recently contacted by endlessleather about a second blog cooperative, I jumped at the chance.  You see, their selection is, indeed, endless, and their products are top notch in terms of quality.  I know this because the bracelet I crafted last year is as beautiful, today, as it was the day I created it.  Plus, there's a true joy in doing it yourself! Featured above (in plastic bags) are the courtesy products I received from endlessleather for this second exciting bracelet-making endeavor. 

My "formula" for bracelet making is an easy one (I adore simplicity!).  The only "tools" needed are likely ones you'll have at home: a pair of scissors and a pair of pliers. I used a cord cutter on the second bracelet featured below, but a pair of scissors would have easily accomplished the job. 

I've always wanted a braided leather cord bracelet.  Now, I have one that I made--all by myself!  In making the sweet bracelet, below, I used the following items (courtesy of endlessleather):

Round, Braided Leather Cord 

To make this treasure, I simply slipped the smallest end of the connector onto one end of the leather cord and crimped it (using household pliers).  I then measured the desired length, and cut (using a pair of scissors).  I then slipped the leather cord into the larger end of the connector; again crimping the connector with a pair of pliers.  The whole process merely took a few minutes to complete!

Feast your eyes on the luxurious second bracelet I personally crafted (featured below)...

This one is made of a stingray leather cord, and includes Murano crystal beads.  Below are the courtesy items I selected and received from endlessleather to make this fabulous jewelry item:

Murano Crystal Beads (I used 6)

To make this gorgeous bracelet, I simply followed the steps above.  The only modification was to slip the beads onto the cord after I crimped the smallest end of the connector using a pair of pliers.  I then measured for size, cut, and finished by inserting the cord into the largest end of the connector; thereafter crimping (again, with a pair of pliers).

My second experience crafting bracelets using endlessleather products was every bit as fulfilling and successful as my first one.  These one-of-a-kind bracelets are pieces I'm proud and excited to sport!

Joy & peace! T.