Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DIY Skull & Roses Leather Bracelet

Love my new leather cord bracelet?  I made it myself, and I am so excited to spotlight it!

You see, the folks at endlessleather asked if I'd be interested in designing + crafting my own creation and featuring it on the blog.  I adore leather cord bracelets and was excited to make my own--especially after perusing their website (endlessleather's selection was fabulous!).  What I came up with was a "Skull & Roses" black leather cord bracelet.

I'm a novice at bracelet making, so my design is one anyone can replicate!  Here are the items I used (courtesy of endlessleather): 

Big hole bead rose, 4,5mm (I used 12 of these. You can use less--if desired)

These are the "tools" I used from home: a scissors and two different types of pliers.  

I first slipped on the smallest end of the connector to the leather cord; along with the beads (6 on either side of the skull), charm connector and charm (skull).  Then, I crimped that end of the connector using pliers.

After sizing it on my wrist, I trimmed the leather cord down to where I wanted it--using a scissors.  Afterward, I slipped the larger end of the connector to the leather cord and crimped that end's connector using a larger pair of pliers.

There's nothing more exciting than designing and creating a lovely piece of jewelry I'll wear for years to come!  This project was both fun and empowering.  That's right--I'm already strategizing over the sweet leather cord item I will make next...

Do you love to create beautiful things?  Is it an empowering process for you, too?  Would love to hear your thoughts on creative joy!

Joy and peace, T.

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