Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Finding Bliss Amidst Changes...

Well... It's that time of the year at the Bradley household.  We are in the midst of a sizable home renovation. This one involves the entry way, family room and upstairs hallway. It includes painting, redecorating and even the installation of wood flooring (Finally, the last of the carpeting will be gone from our home's lower level. Yay!!!).

This is roughly a two-week project.  The painters were here last week and will be for the early part of this week. The flooring installation begins next week.

During the remodel, we've moved everything out of our family room and entry way (which means all these items got crammed into other rooms).  Rather than enjoying our evenings in the family room, we are now watching movies and doing some series binge watching (right now, it's True Blood) in Mark's den, upstairs. The "chaos" will continue until mid-week next week.

As you can imagine, it's a bit messy at our place right now.  And, I must admit... I like having all in "order."  My home is my haven; so, this one's been a challenge (even though I know we will emerge with lovely, refreshed results afterwards).

Maxi Dress: Kohl's
Chambray Shirt: Fossil (updated version)
Wedge Sandals: Ralph Lauren
Sunnies: Betsey Johnson
Men's Watch: Pulsar (gifted)

I need to take a "page" from my lovely pet tabby cat's (Tabitha) book.  She, too, was initially not too fond about the present state of affairs.  As you can see from the photo below, though, she quickly decided to find bliss amidst the changes.

I have always said that Tabitha knows how to live well.  Indeed, it's true!

Tell me how you find bliss amidst changes.  Would love hearing about it!

Joy & grace, T.

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