Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Style Feature: Cappelli Straworld Pack A Hat

Representatives from Hartford York asked if I'd like to test a sample of the new Cappelli Straworld, Inc. Pack A Hat on the blog.  Lover of hats that I am, their offer was accepted...

The Cappelli Straworld, Inc. Pack A Hat is a sun hat (rated UPF 50+) that's tucked inside a coordinating, miniature wristlet tote bag.  What's amazing is that this sweet hat unfolds ready to wear.

The Cappelli Straworld, Inc. Pack A Hat would be perfect for the beach, walks outdoors, picnics, sipping libations on a winery patio, etc., etc., etc.  I "christened" mine by wearing it to a local pub for a weekday dinner out with Mark (post a long day at home overseeing our hardwood flooring installation).

A floppy hat is a summertime classic. Having one so readily accessible is such a great concept. The tote is cute enough to sport alone, or it could be tucked inside a larger bag.

I plan on packing mine for many a summertime excursion (both locally and out-of-town). In fact, it's going to be perfect for our trip to New England this summer.

The Cappelli Straworld, Inc. Pack A Hat retails at  $25 and is available in five different color options. Readers of this blog can enjoy free shipping on the Cappelli Straworld, Inc. Pack A Hat here.

Yes, that's me before heading off to a much-needed dinner out!  A full outfit post is forthcoming!

Joy & peace, T.