Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little Changes=Springtime in My Heart...

Late last week, amidst snow, ice and single-digit temps, it hit me... This winter has me stuck in a rut.  If you (like me) find yourself immersed in the "winter that just won't end" (sigh), perhaps you can relate as well.

When I say that I'm in a rut, it's not just that I'm experiencing the effects of this endless polar express (wink); it's that the hues I wear are reflective of winter--more than any other season. So, being one that believes in the power of shift, I'm incorporating little changes--here and there.

Yup, starting this month, I'm infusing a bit o' color into my beloved neutral wardrobe palette.  Whether it brings springtime to me any quicker or not simply doesn't matter; because this change alone puts me in a more spring-like frame of mind. Check out this past Sunday's blog post to see the color infusion I slipped in to an otherwise neutral look. 

In life and fashion, little changes (just like this one) all tend to work the same way.  They provide a psychological sense of well-being and accomplishment that spur other positive shifts.

As a result, I'm exploring other subtle changes I can sprinkle into my daily routines.  Perhaps it will be five minutes of meditation, returning to more regular attendance at yoga classes or simply observing and honoring the phases of the moon... Who knows?  And, I can only imagine where such little differences in daily life may take me...

Scarf: TranquiliT
Dress: Vintage (via Etsy)
Cashmere Cardigan: Marshalls
Belt: Chico's
Cashmere Gloves: Moschino (gifted)
Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Boots: Nine West
Sunnies: Dollar Tree
Silver ID Bracelet: Hubby's

Tell me--what changes are in store for you this spring?  I would love hearing about them!

Joy and peace, T.