Monday, August 18, 2014

Groundedness via Nature...

As of late, I'm on a newfound quest... This one has me mindfully immersing myself daily (somehow--even if only for a few minutes) in nature.

That might seem like an easy thing to do.  Truth is, it's no small feat.

You see, like so many others, I get caught up in life's busyness. I work at least five days a week; eight hours a day from an office (fortunately, there are two large windows in my office!). Taking time to appreciate this world's natural wonders is often the last thing I even remember to do.

Connecting with nature has a way of grounding me--much like writing in my journal does.  As a result, I'm vowing to consciously get in touch with nature each day.  Some days, that might equate to me merely giving thanks for the lovely sights I'll see while driving in my car.  On others, it might mean I'm walking outdoors after dinner; enjoying the feel of a soft breeze upon my face.

Jean Shirt: Piace Boutique (Bloomington, IN)
Skirt: J. Jill (thrifted)
Handbag: Kate Spade Saturday
Heels: Candies
Sunnies: Helix via Kohl's
Pearls: Antique Shop
Men's Watch: Pulsar (gifted)
Bracelet: Vintage Monet

Inspire me!  Share with me one way you plan on getting your nature on today!

Joy & peace, T.

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