Thursday, August 7, 2014

Smart Travel Style...


In the not-so-distant future, I'm venturing off for a much-needed holiday in New England.  Since I'll be traveling via airline, I'm hoping to do so as sensibly as possible.  Maintaining a sense of style that I'm happy with, however, is essential! Today's post shares my thoughts for accomplishing smart travel style...

Try things on/out before packing them: The outfit featured in today's blog is one I definitely plan on packing.  Ever pack pieces you envision going well together--then realize (while traveling) a style combo didn't quite work out as planned?  Fortunately, this ensemble is one I'm satisfied with--so, it's getting packed.  

Color coordinate pieces:  During my upcoming travels, I'm opting for a semi-nautical look.  As a result, I'll pack lots of reds and blues that can easily color coordinate together.  No doubt; it makes dressing so much easier when I arrive at my destination if everything in the suitcase works well together.

Pack one handbag that works with everything: Sure I might throw an added evening clutch in the suitcase, but for my day-to-day handbag, I will select one that coordinates with the color theme I've selected for the trip.  Saves suitcase space.  Makes life a little simpler, too (smile).

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 Striped Chambray: No brand (and consigned)
Boyfriend Style Jean Shorts: Old Navy
Sneakers: Converse
Pendant: Gifted
Straw Hat: Consigned (and vintage)
Handbag: Vera Bradley
Sunnies:  Vera Bradley
Men's Watch: Hubby's Discard

Okay, now it's your turn to help me out a bit... Share your smart travel style with me, here.  I would love hearing your wise thoughts!

Joy, hugs and peace.  T.