Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dreaming of WinterFest + Valentine's Day Attire...

Afternoon at the WinterFest

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Locally, our community has an enchanting annual event known as "WinterFest."  Ice sculptures line our quaint, historic Main Street, and lots of fun celebratory happenings take place all weekend long (including a chili cook-off which includes vegetarian chili offerings (for folks like me!)).  This year's WinterFest takes place over the Valentine's Day weekend.

Of course, I'll likely need to don a coat, hat and gloves that day. Underneath it all, though, for an afternoon stroll (and possibly lunch at the chili cook-off), I could pretty much replicate the look above (sans the Daniel Wellington watch--that's a dream list item) with things I already own.  Yes, the booties are a bit more high-heeled than the ones I'd wear that day, but...you, get the idea (gray suede booties), yes ?

Valentine's Evening

Mark and I already have dinner reservations for Valentine's Day evening at a fave restaurant.  The pieces I've featured above are (once again) akin to things hanging in my own closet (see a recent review of a very similar dress here). I'm looking forward to getting dressed up that night!

Would love to hear your thoughts on these style selections, and what you might wear to similar events on your calendar!

Joy & peace! T.