Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What I Love about Polyvore...

Shoe Dreams...

Polyvore is fab, isn't it?  For us who might not have an opportunity to post photos (for example when snow and frigid temps prevail (as they have here)), we can share posts featuring our dream lists as well as thoughts on how to style what we already own.

The style board above features shoes I might considering buying (or, at least, dream about buying) this year...

Black Pumps: My beloved black pumps (purchased back in 2012 from Target) have seen better days.  As a result, I know that replacing is a distinct probability in my near future.

Converse Sneakers: I already own a couple of pair of Converse shoes (one pair black leather; the other gray canvas).  Something with a pop of brilliant color would be perfect for warmer weather.

A Unique Pair of Flats: I don't wear flats that often, but when I do, tend to choose a pair that's a bit exciting (e.g. gold-toned, leopard print, etc.).  These tortoise shell flats are just that!

Strappy, Kitten Heels: These strappy kitten heels would certainly not be a necessity purchase...  Nevertheless, this is a dream board, right?

Silver-toned Sandals: I've been wanting to purchase a pair of silver-toned sandals for a few years, now.  In 2015, I could possibly take the plunge (smile).

How to Style Pieces Similar to What I Own

The outfit board directly above features pieces similar to those I already own.  Yup, I'm dreaming of the day when a lace top + floral maxi skirt + light-weight Army jacket and heels (sans tights) are totally doable.  Right now, it's entirely too cold to sport this outfit! Who knows...maybe I could wear this ensemble some time in March... My green jacket would be perfect for wearing on St. Paddy's Day! Don't you think?

Do you Polyvore?  What do you love about it?  And, what do you think of these latest boards of mine?

Joy & peace, T.