Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Blogger's "Double Life"...


Are there any other bloggers out there, who feel like you're leading a (quasi) "double life?" I often do. It's not that I've hidden from those around me what I'm doing on the blog... I'm actually quite proud of it.

It's just that most folks, locally, know me in my professional capacity, and not as much (or at all) in my creative, blogger role. Hmmm... Perhaps, this is something I should ponder further via my journal...

These pics were taken last Saturday morning, downtown; following my standing breakfast date with Mark.  A funny thing happened toward the end of our photo shoot...

An older, retired gentleman (very prominent, locally), who knows Mark and me; observed my posing for these shots and playfully yelled out, "Hey, Hollywood!"  I laughed and told Mark, "Guess I'll have to explain this one.  And, it also looks like I've got a new nickname."

  Khaki Chinos: American Eagle
T-shirt: Petit Bateau (best t-shirt brand ever!!!)
Sweater: Banana Republic (son or (more likely) his former girlfriend's discard)
Belt: Target
Sunnies: Target
Sneaks: Converse
Men's Watch: Pulsar
Statement Necklace: Antique shop in Tipp City, OH

These last two pics are of me reacting to being called "Hollywood," while simultaneously feeling "so busted." How many other bloggers out there are leading this same "double life?" I'd love to hear about it!

Joy and peace, T.