Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Fine Art of Self-Negotiation...

Ever make a deal with yourself?  I do; somewhat frequently, actually.

Take--for instance--last evening... After sitting at my desk all day, I knew I needed to engage in a spot of exercise after work.  Yesterday, however, was this chill, gray misty day--the kind that makes you want to go home and curl up on the sofa for a nap.

Guess what?  I ended up bartering with myself a bit, and allowed myself time to do both (smile).

You see, the older I get, the wiser I get.  This means I'm also getting better at realizing I can (oftentimes) "have my cake and eat it, too."

Yup, rarely are there instances of "it's this way or not at all." Unfortunately, it's taken me years to understand this, though.  Oh well, better late than never, right?

Cardigan: Ralph Lauren
Silk Scarf: Oscar De La Renta (consigned via ReVue in Columbus, OH)
LBD: I.N. Studio via Dillard's
Belt: Chaps via Kohl's
Tights: Apt. 9 via Kohl's
Booties: Nine West
Statement Necklace: Vintage (bought at an area antique shop)
Sunnies: Nine West via TJ Maxx

Do you engage in the art of self-negotiation?  Share your thoughts. I'd love hearing them!

Hugs & joy, T.