Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Creative Style Expression: Cat Woman

"Style is based on who you are." --Isabella Rossellini

Mark and I are the proud pet parents of a lovely diva tabby cat we adopted from the Lucas County Humane Shelter a few years back.  Her name is Tabitha, and you can read her story, here...

I believe how I dress should express who I am.  Clearly, from what I wore last Saturday...I am, indeed, a cat woman (smile). Proud of it too!

These pics were taken Saturday morning, downtown, following a breakfast date with Mark.  Saturday evening, we headed to a local sports bar to watch the Indiana University Hoosiers play football on the big screen.  Normally, I'd have worn red or one of my Hoosier-themed pieces of clothing.  I just wasn't "feeling it" this past week; so, I didn't go that way...

Leather Jacket: No Brand (and a closet fave for some time)
Hat: Target
Gloves: Target
Scarf: Local Boutique Purchase (Calico, Sage & Thyme)
Cashmere Sweater: No Brand (and over 10 years old!)
Boots: Nine West (my fave brand--I own three pairs of their boots)
Jeans: Chico's

This brings me to another important point... My personal style expression should be representative of what I'm feeling the day I don it.  One day, that might be via a Hoosier t-shirt and matching beanie--the next a cashmere sweater paired with an assortment of feline prints...

What are your tips for personal style expression?  Please share! I would love hearing them!

Hugs & joy, T.