Friday, November 1, 2013

November Reflections...

I snapped these pics last weekend on a day trip to Michigan.  The sight of these waning blooms affirmed the fact that summer has truly passed. They've brought me to a more reflective state of mind...

In this past few days, it's fully hit me... Not only is the summer over; another sparkling-fresh new year has nearly expired as well.  Since 2012, I've selected a mantra for the coming new year; shortly before the old one draws to a close.  Doing so, has yielded amazing results.

In 2012, my mantra was "No Regrets."  With it came a greater sense of courage.  This year's was "Self-authored," and it has brought about an almost effortless feeling of self-empowerment.

This month, I hope to carve out time to further reflect upon what I hope to manifest in 2014.  My chosen mantra (once selected) will serve as a great guidepost in getting me there.

Are you (like me) suddenly realizing 2014 is fast approaching? Do you also enjoy engaging in deep reflections this time of year?

Wishing you a fab weekend! Joy, hugs & peace.  T.