Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blue, the Color--to Brighten the Mood...

I had the good fortune of meeting up with a friend at a meeting the other day.  Both of us incredibly busy, we hadn't seen each other in months.  Afterwards, we took a few moments to catch up--chit chat a bit...

That day, I had accented my wardrobe with splashes of a yellow gold (as seen in this past post), and she complimented my choice of color.  I shared the fact that I'd only recently discovered this fab hue.  She offered me an insightful thought on her own use of color...

She told me when she wakes up in the morning, she'll bring her thoughts to what color might bring her joy that day.  Then, not only will she try and incorporate that into what she's wearing; she'll make an effort to actually notice that hue--every time she sees it during her day.  What a wonderful exercise in mindfulness that is!

Blue's a great color. Although, I think it often gets a "bad rap."  Many times, when "blue" is mentioned, it's sadness that comes to mind.  Not me; I adore the color blue--especially cobalt blue!  Truly, the sight of it makes me smile.

This sweet friend and I scheduled a lunch get-together in the near future.  I'm truly looking forward with some mindful time with this wonderfully-enlightened soul!

Scarf: Target (bought this one almost 20 years ago!)
Jean Shirt: Piace Boutique in Bloomington, IN
Skirt: Banana Republic (thrifted--with original price tag still on it!)
Belt: Coach (consigned via Mosaic Consignment Studio)
Tights: Apt. 9 via Kohl's
Booties: Nine West
Sunnies: Vera Bradley
Statement Necklace: Purchased from talented artist friend

Do you use color to enhance mindfulness, and/or brighten up your day?  I'd love hearing about it!

Joy and peace, T.