Monday, November 25, 2013

Self-Expressive Style: Comfy-Cozy Leopard Print

Don't get me wrong... I adore wearing my leopard print dress.  However, when it's 25 degrees outdoors, I most enjoy getting my leopard print fix on via the vest featured throughout this post (or the coat worn in this past post). That's not to say I wouldn't consider sporting my leopard print dress (paired with a lace jacket) to a holiday party--or my feline-inspired silk blouse into the office this season.  It's just nice to be comfy-cozy when that's how I'd like to feel!

 Sunnies: Target
Infinity Scarf: Handmade (purchased from a talented blogger)
Jeans: Aeropostle
Gloves: Coach (vintage via Etsy)
Sweater: J Crew 
Boots: Mountain Lake
Handbag: Milly

Leopard print is always comfy, and certainly in season all throughout the year!  Some forms of it, however, are just a bit cozier this time of year, yes?  Again, this Monday, I've linked up on the Two Birds' blog--this time, in celebration of all things leopard. Come over and check out the fun!

Joy and peace, T.