Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Long Weekend=A Better Monday...

Mark and I enjoyed an extended weekend away (last week) in celebration of our 33rd wedding anniversary.  We headed to Louisville, Kentucky--savoring plenty of sightseeing in the city, yummy dining, antiquing, wine trailing and playful exploring of the lovely hills and blooming countryside outside of town.  Our last night away, we stayed in our beloved Bloomington, Indiana--the charming home of our college undergrad alma mater.  I had no idea how much I needed a few days away--until I took them!

Monday arrived way too early. arrived with a jolt, too--rain and heavy winds abounding...
Before I left the house that morning, two of my hot roller clips broke.  On top of that, I feared (since they were no where to be found) my bag of hair accessories was likely left behind in one of the hotel rooms where we had stayed.

My first thoughts were those of frustration. Then, I quickly told myself things had been lost--not loved ones.  That truly changed my perspective!

Pulling out of my driveway in the pouring rain, I soon realized both the trash and recycle bins had blown over.  The perfectionist in me wanted to stop (rain, wind and all) and turn them back upward.  I decided not to, though. It wasn't how I wanted to start my Monday (arriving late and soaking wet to work).

Interestingly enough, I returned home that night to find my dear hubby had righted the upset trash bins upon his return back home, and put them away for next week. We had a good laugh about the garbage not getting picked up.  Later, that eve, I found two replacement hot roller clips stored in my dresser drawer, and thereafter realized I had simply failed to unpack my bag of hair accessories from the luggage (versus leaving them behind in Indiana).

Scarf: Consignment Shop (along Newbury Street in Boston)
Top: Talbots (consigned)
Jeans: J Crew
Sneakers: Converse
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff
Sunnies: Dollar Tree
Watch: Michael Kors
Rose Gold Link Bracelet: Vintage via Etsy
Stone Bracelet: Gift Shop in Nassau

No doubt my restful, long weekend helped me balance out an (um) interesting Monday!  Ever have one of those? I'm guessing you have (smile)...

Joy and peace, T.