Sunday, April 13, 2014

Digbabies Blouse Review/Things I Dig...

I dig...
  • full-moon nights
  • sipping java while I write in my journal, early in the morning
  • holding Mark's hand while walking at night in the cool springtime rain
  • sipping a glass of dry rose wine from my patio on the first warm evening of the season
  • cuddling with my adopted pet tabby cat
  • sharing a heartfelt laugh with my amazing adult children
  • savoring a weekend getaway (We just returned from Louisville, Kentucky!)
  • anything with hearts on it
  • the color blue...

The folks at Digbabies recently asked me to review the lovely blouse featured in this post... Isn't it sweet? The brand is Topshop, and I honestly couldn't be any happier with it.  Its quality is topnotch, and even though my blouse was sent to me courtesy of Digbabies, the listed price simply could not be beat.  This same blouse is also available in a yummy shade of red, too.

Digbabies offers free worldwide shipping.  And, another great feature... Unsatisfied goods can be returned.

Digbabies' diversity of product is massive.  They offer everything from jeans to dresses to accessories to sweatshirts.  Many of their pieces have a definite vintage touch--which I personally adore!

 Blouse: Topshop via Digbabies
Jeans: Liz Claiborne via JCP
Belt: Banana Republic
Heels: Nine West
Handbag: Leather Satchel Co. via Asos
Sunnies: Helix via Kohl's
Statement Necklace: Purchased from a talented artist friend

What is it you're digging these days?  Would love hearing about it!

Joy and peace, T.