Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why Taking the "High Road" isn't Always the Best Route...

For years now, I've often taken the "high road" in the face of adversity.  Decided to let troubling issues "roll off my back" versus addressing them directly with those involved.  It's something I believe many women do; thinking it's the most gracious route to take...

Last Thursday, I attended a local women's leadership conference (which was phenomenal, BTW).  One of the messages I carried back (for myself) was this: The "high road" (a.k.a. avoiding a direct discussion about what troubles us) isn't necessarily the best route.  Open, non-emotional, honest communication, however, is.

Hmmm... There's a professional issue I'm dealing with, currently.  It's one I've encountered before.  The last time I did, I decided to take the "high road" and let the matter go unaddressed.  How'd that work for me? It didn't.  The issue smoldered--continued to "eat" at me.  So, this time, I'm gonna talk it out with those involved--make my concerns known.  Perhaps, that is the real "high road." What do you think?

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May your day be a bright one, and the route you take the one that supports you best!  Joy and peace, T.

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