Sunday, April 20, 2014

Living + Loving Art...

Not sure if it's the emergence of springtime, or what... But, I'm feeling an increased need to embrace art as of late.  Sure, I seem to do this a lot anyway; nevertheless, I want to do it even more so, and mindfully.

The lovely mural featured in this post is displayed in a sweet courtyard in the downtown area of the city where I live--right across the way from our fave restaurant--where we generally dine on Friday evenings.  This past Friday, I realized I'd never taken the time to stop and truly enjoy this lovely piece of art; so, this week (post our dinner date), I did (smile).

Later, at home, we decided to watch a charming Dutch film (set in Italy) featuring subtitles.  We enjoyed it while sipping wine we had purchased the prior weekend at a little winery in the foothills of Kentucky.  Now, that's what I call living artfully!

Yes, living artfully means enjoying lovely art and creating beautiful things...  Yet, it also includes taking time to simply live well.  The glory of living well is that it is defined by each of us, individually.  Living well could be a walk in nature, breakfast on the patio or journal writing at dawn.  It could be anything you deem it to be. The important thing about living well is to do so with intention.

Jacket: Westbound via Dillards
Top: L.L. Bean
Belt: Thrifted (no brand)
Skirt: JCP
Tights: Simply Vera Wang via Kohl's
Heels: Rampage
Handbag: Sole Society
Sunnies: Firmoo
Men's Diamond Watch: Elgin (yard sale snag!)
Bracelet: Fossil
Statement Necklace: Bought at a charity auction

What's an artful evening look like to you?  Would love hearing about it!

Joy and peace, T.

BTW, I'm linking to the Two Birds' blog on Monday--along with others wearing heels and femininely dressed in black! :)