Sunday, July 20, 2014

Yes, Khaki Can be Glam, Too...

A few years ago, I deemed khaki as "frumpy."  Decided it made me look older than I wanted to, and vowed to wear it nevermore...

Fortunately, getting older equates to getting wiser (smile).  You see, the secret about khaki (and, pretty much everything else) is that there's generally always a way to "glam" things up a bit.  These days, I'm donning khaki (quite joyously) once again.

Here, I've paired my beloved khaki shorts with an oversized silk blouse (another fave of mine).  Pops of bright color (via my shoes and handbag) were added as well to transform the "bland."

Pinterest is a fab resource for finding inspiration.  Click here for scads of ideas on how to fashionably sport khaki shorts.

Silk Blouse: Charter Club (thrifted)
Khaki Shorts: Columbia
Handbag: The Leather Satchel Company via Asos
Sandals: Jenny Buchanan
Belt: Land's End (thrifted)
Sunnies: Betsey Johnson
Men's Watch: Hubby's Discard
Enamel Bracelet: Kohl's 

Do you wear khaki?  If so, share with me your fave ways to do so.  I would adore hearing about them!

Joy & peace, T.

BTW, I'm linking on Monday to the Two Birds Blog.  The idea for pairing an oversized button-up blouse with shorts came from this week's Inspiration Monday photo.