Monday, December 2, 2013

Creative Style: Blending Browns & Black

Long ago, someone decided certain style combinations were "forbidden."  One of those was navy and black.  Obviously, I'm undeterred by this "rule" as I pair the two together quite a bit.  There's another "taboo" combo I do as well: brown and black.

Black jeans? Sure, I'll sport my brown boots with them!  Chocolate brown gloves? You bet I'll wear my black goose down vest with 'em!

A couple of interesting tidbits... Take note of my scarf. It incorporates elements of brown and black.  Additionally, I've added a few pieces that are tan (not brown--but within the same color palette).  I think these items truly help to tie the chocolate and black pieces nicely.

Goose Down Vest: Kohl's (10+ years old)
Sweater: Jones New York
Jeans: Chico's
Boots: Nine West
Sunnies: Nine West
Scarf: Consigned (vintage via Cactus Flower)
Gloves: Vintage via Etsy
Handbag: Marc Jacobs

Do you relish breaking fashion "rules" like I do?  Would love hearing about it!

Joy and peace, T.

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