Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Recycled Joy!

Thought I'd share my wonderful, environmentally friendly and budget savvy purchases made in Indiana last week.  The pic above was taken in the dressing room of Goodwill's Vintage Vogue in Bloomington, Indiana. It features the lovely cowgirl boots I purchased there.

I keep a list of items I'd love to purchase--should I encounter a fab deal or mint condition thrift/consignment shop offering.  On my list was a pair of cowgirl boots and a pair of saddle colored boots.  This purchase enables me to cross two goodies off my list (smile).

The boots I bought are Kinney (brand) and leather.  What do you think?  I believe I'm in love (wink!).

I also bought the leather cuff (featured above) at a sweet vintage consignment shop (Cactus Flower).  I truly question whether it's ever been worn or not!  This item (as well) was on my list.

Speaking of recycled... We brought the gorgeous library table shown (above and below) back with us.  It had been Mark's grandmother's.  His aunt was in the process of reorganizing/downsizing her home, and offered it to us.

It had the date 1910 scrawled on the bottom of it.  It's truly a treasure--now residing in our dining room.

There's nothing more fulfilling than giving unwanted items new homes, is there? Saving money and the environment--to me, it's simply joy incarnate!

Joy and peace, T.