Monday, December 16, 2013

Savoring Nature's Bliss

Perhaps it's due to the fact that we've had relatively mild winters the past few years... This year, I'm thoroughly enjoying the exquisite beauty of this magical season--more so than I have in quite some time.

Snow on the ground, a marked chill in the air... It all lends itself to what I envision December should be.  Oh yes--and wind--the kind that drifts the snow all about.  There's plenty of that, too, this year (that's why I have to hold onto my beanie--just to keep it in place!).

Beanie: Asos
Sunnies: Target
Sweater: J Crew
Vest: County Clothing Co. via Dillard's
Jeans: Chaps Ralph Lauren via Kohl's
Handbag: Vera Bradley
Boots: Nine West
Gloves: Coach (vintage via Etsy)
Wooden Bangle Bracelet: Vintage Vogue in Bloomington, IN
Turquoise Pendant: Boutique Purchase (Wandering Turtle, Bloomington, IN)

Nature's seasons are all precious; each of them in their own, unique way.  The fact that I'm learning to embrace--what has never been my favorite of seasons--is a gift all unto itself...

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Happy Monday--along with hugs, joy and peace! T.