Thursday, December 12, 2013

Relaxation as a Frame of Mind...

Last eve, I indulged in an hour-long massage at a nearby salon.  Trust me... It was one fab way to relax--no doubt!

What I've come to understand is relaxation is a frame of mind.  Sure, it's massage; but it's a whole lot more: it's engaging in moments of deep breathing, taking dedicated lunch breaks, savoring "me" time, and even selecting clothing that makes me feel comfortable.

These pics were taken last Thursday morning en route to Indiana (a six-hour car trip, BTW).  My goal was to dress comfortably; yet stylishly.  Doing so simply allowed me to relax a bit more (than I already was!).

Sweater: Aeropostale 
Jean Shirt: Fossil
Khaki Chinos: American Eagle
Boots: Mountain Lake
Handbag: Marc Jacobs
Bracelet: Husband's castaway
Watch: Ditto
Sunnies: Vera Bradley
Pendant: Tiffany & Co. (vintage via Etsy)

Share with me the ways in which you relax?  Would love hearing about them!

Joy and peace, T.