Sunday, February 9, 2014

Comfy + Supporting Local Businesses...

What's one wear to dinner, downtown?  Allow me to amend that bit... What's one wear to dinner, downtown, when there's scads of snow and ice on the ground--oh, yes, and it's a balmy 12 degrees outdoors?

Quite frankly... As long as there's mindful thought put into what I'm wearing, comfort rules.  In this weather, comfort (to me) means shoes I can walk in without slipping and falling--as well as layer upon layer of clothing to keep me warm.

Saturday evening, Mark and I ventured downtown to dine at one of our town's newer restaurants--a gastropub.  It's got the coolest Prohibition Era theme (I guess you might say it is "prohibition" bootlegger style). They even play old black and white silent films on the large screened televisions hanging on the walls. And, the vintage book featured below... It's how our check was presented to us.  Isn't that super-cool?

We try and support local businesses as much as we possibly can.  We're fortunate to live in such a great town, and by shopping and dining locally, it's another way to give back--in a sense.

Beanie: American Eagle
Cashmere Coat: Neiman Marcus
Over-sized Long-sleeved T-shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Jones New York
Pendant: Purchased from an artist at Black Swamp Arts Festival (local event)
Leggings: Chico's
Handbag: Vera Bradley (purchased at a local boutique)
Gloves: Target
Sunnies: Nine West via T.J. Maxx
Boots: Nine West

Just in case you thought I was kidding about the snow we have, here... Yes, I'm standing next to a snow bank in a parking lot.  Observe the proximity to the cap of the snow mound and the tree tops...

Do you support locally-owned and operated businesses as much as we do?  Please share your thoughts!

Joy and peace, T.