Sunday, February 2, 2014

Reality At a Second Glance...


I'm guessing you've heard the phrase "Reality bites."  At first glance, here's the reality attached to the photos featured in this post...

Due to torrents of freezing rain, I had to run under a local business awning to take these pics that I'd envisioned being set in a quaint spot downtown.  Gusts of wind kept blowing my cardigan open--which totally ruffled my feathers, BTW. My belt is a bit off center, and scarf tag is showing. Oh--and the boots--I didn't want to wear them.  Desired to sport my sweet little leopard print pumps, instead.  The blasted freezing rain prevented it...

At second glance, here's another way to look at the reality of the situation:

I took these pictures en route to an enjoyable Saturday morning breakfast date with my beautiful husband (and blog photographer), Mark.  Awning and all, the lighting and backdrop turned out just fine. My sans heels boots (although they are not leopard print pumps) kept me from slipping, falling and injuring myself on icy walkways.  And...crooked belts, tags showing and cardigan issues aside, I'm an introverted nearly-52-year-old, who is finally living authentically enough that I'm not only blogging; I'm fashion blogging. In other words, after many years, I'm finally quite comfortable in my own skin (smile).  This--this is the reality I choose.

 Scarf: Cashmere Boutique (gifted)
Cardigan: Chico's
Camisole: Daisy Fuentes via Kohl's
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Belt: J Crew
Boots: Nine West
Sunnies: Nine West via TJ Maxx
Gloves: Target
Men's Watch: Pulsar (gifted)


I'm linking up to the Two Birds' blog on Monday morning.  Drop by and check out others' oversized sweaters and possibly leopard print laden stylings there, too!

Joy and peace, T.