Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Self-Nurturing Rules of the Road...

Last Saturday afternoon, I indulged in a much-needed pedi at a nearby salon.  Monday eve, post a busy day at the office, I ventured downtown for a massage that had been gifted to me by my youngest son.  These practices (no doubt) nurture me--both in body and spirit.

Self-nurturing isn't just about heading to a salon, though.  Nope, self-nurturing means mindfully experiencing things that give me joy and serve me well...

For example, there's the contemplative time I enjoy in the mornings with java and journal in hand.  And, those instances (all throughout the day) when I mindfully use my breath to relax and center myself.  Of course, the gift of time in nature (even a short walk in the neighborhood after dinner) is always a pampering pleasure...

Thing is... There's far too many practices I consider as "self-nurturing" to even begin sharing them here in this blog post.  The important thing to impart is that self-nurturing need not cost anything, it should be engaged in daily, and must be personally life-giving.

 Faux Fur Coat: Ann Taylor (consigned)
Sweater: Vintage
Jeans: Bitten/Sarah Jessica Parker
Pumps: Nine & Co.
Sunnies: Nine West
Handbag: Kate Spade
Gloves: Coach (vintage via Etsy)

What's your definition of self-nurturing?  How have you recently nurtured yourself?

Joy and peace, T.