Thursday, February 13, 2014

Creative Style: Making Winter More Fun

Amidst the snow and frigid temps, I thought it a good time to recycle a few photos from recent posts...  The purpose of doing so is to present a way to make a long, cold winter a bit more (well...) fun...

In the last few years, I've learned to treat my outerwear (hat, gloves, scarf, coat or jacket) as part of my overall outfit.  Not that everything has to match perfectly; rather, my goal is to blend it all together--as seamlessly as possible.

You see... To me, dressing (each day) is an opportunity to stretch my creative muscles a bit...One intention I have for 2014 is to more mindfully use my creative gifts.  Doing so via dress presents me the opportunity to do so daily.

Plus, here in northwest Ohio, winter is getting (um...) a bit--old.  Pulling together creative ways to blend my outerwear together with my daily outfit makes it all a scad more...bearable (smile).

For those who are enjoying summer right now... Well, hopefully, this post will somehow inspire you with a way to use your creative gifts to combat the winter blahs--should your season be one like ours, here.

My tips for building a winter coat collection are found in this past post. My thoughts on creative expression via dress are available in this past post.

What about you? Do you find that creative expression via dress brings you joy and lets you share your authentic self with others?

Joy and peace! T.