Thursday, February 27, 2014

Using My Journal to Ask the Universe...

I'm a huge proponent of asking for what I want/need.  In my opinion, it's the best way to ensure my needs are better being met.  And...even if my requests are denied or not totally fulfilled, I know I have at least asked. What about the stuff you really can't ask any specific person or group to support you with?  For example, achieving a successful resolution to a problem or how to handle a difficult decision...

As of late, I've begun using my journal to help me in clarifying what it is I seek and in writing the "ask" out right there--on the pages.  Truly, it enables me to more mindfully process my needs and my requests. It's a process of reinforcing my ask in my thoughts; then, on the paper.

What's most amazing is that (at some point), after making my "ask," I'll often realize how I need to proceed, or the matter somehow works out in a way I can accept.  Does everything always proceed exactly as I'd like? No, but I'm realizing that my "challenges" are not only first world--they could always be far worse than they are!

 Blazer: Peace of Cloth (best bargain ever!)
Scarf: Local Boutique Purchase
Sweater: Zara
Leather Pencil Skirt: Thrifted (Vintage Vogue, Bloomington, IN)
Boots: Nine West
Bangle: MNG by Mango
Pendant: Tiffany (Vintage via Etsy)
Sunnies: Dollar Tree
Belt: Urban Outfitters

Do you, too, know the power of "the ask?" Share the deets!

Joy and peace, T.