Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Creative Resourcefulness: Dust Bag Alternative...

I adore my new Kate Spade Saturday handbag (to see it featured in a past post, click here)! Only problem is, it didn't come with a dust bag.  No worry, though... I enjoy putting my creative resourcefulness to work...

Pictured above is my solution.  Know what it is?

You know those zippered plastic bags that sheets, blankets and bedspreads come in?  Well, that's what I'm using.  I adore this idea as I can see my handbag as it's being both protected and displayed.  Best part is, this plastic bag is now functional--versus being something I've thrown into the trash (smile). That's planet friendly, too!

Share your thoughts on creative resourcefulness.  I'd adore hearing them!

Joy and peace, T.